Emy by TENA

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Kegel Trainer for women with fun exercises in a free app for training your pelvic floor muscles

Emy by TENA is a pelvic floor muscle trainer that’s connected to a mobile app. Our Kegel trainer (or “Kegel egg”, as it is referred to by some) helps you stay motivated with personalised exercises. It’s easy to use on your device, and the movements can be done comfortably at home. The short sessions you can do range from 5-20 minutes – to be slotted into your day with ease.

The product is carefully designed for women’s pelvic floor anatomy and its biofeedback technology lets you track the strength training of your pelvic floor by monitoring your contractions in real time, and showing your progress through the app.

The Emy by TENA Kegel Trainer  is a medical innovation, and it allows all women, no matter their age, to do their Kegel exercises in their own time and space, at home.

Stronger pelvic floor

Gain greater bladder control, recover faster after pregnancy and improve intimate health.

Easy fun training

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with many mini-games adapted to your personal level and needs. All Kegel exercises are based on recognised medical therapy methods.

Proven technique based on biofeedback

Emy by TENA is a unique biofeedback device with patented highly-sensitive 360° detection sensors that detect even the slightest muscle contractions and visualise them in real time to follow your progress.

Results in 3 weeks

Three out of four women make real progress after only three weeks* of use and 99% are very satisfied after six weeks* of use. *Based on customer satisfaction questionnaire in the Emy app.

Comfort and convenience

With Emy by TENA, advanced pelvic floor training at home becomes possible, easy and effective.

Highest medical quality standards

Emy by TENA complies with the EU quality standards for medical devices. It is made of medical silicone and biocompatible materials. Emy by TENA is 100% waterproof and easily rechargeable.The effectiveness is clinically proven

The quality of life improved significantly for 98% of women thanks to Emy by TENA and 96% were satisfied with the exercises. 91% of patients experienced an improvement with their incontinence by training their pelvic floor with Emy by TENA. **

** According to Evaluation of the connected biofeedback Kegel Trainer Emy in the management of stress urinary incontinence – Study finalised in 2021 at the University Hospitals of Strasbourg – Dr Host as first investigator