Pink PVC Spreader Pants

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Pink PVC Spreader Lockable Pants


Pink PVC Spreader Lockable Pants

40cm wide leg spread, with straps up to 120cms and shoulder length up too 110 cm waist size.

These spreaders make it very hard to walk, and spreader your legs wide meaning that you are encouraged to crawl and lay down, just like a real baby.

When you wear them your quite helpless, and oh yes they make your bottom huge!

These come with two locks on the top straps. Cross over the straps when putting on so they can’t take it off.

Keycode Instructions 
There is a button inside the lock, hold down and do not let go, change the numbers to the key code you want to use and then release the button to set. The default code is 000



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Weight 2000 kg

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